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Scrum backlog templates and examples

November 6, 2006 by Artem Marchenko

Bas Vodde collected and published examples and templates of the Scrum product and Sprint backlogs. Most of them are in MS Excel format. Some (XLS) include a lot of comments, some (XLS) are very colourful. Check them out, Excel can really cover most of the needs of the archived backlog tracking.

Cached templates
Here are the cached copies of templates that I reviewed on this website.

See Also

ph_product_sprint_backlog_0.03.xls176.5 KB

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A good idea. Though not sure

February 25, 2008 by Artem, 7 years 32 weeks ago
Comment id: 1459

A good idea. Though not sure if I am able to understand these templates - I personally use different excels. Maybe I will find time to dig through these examples and create some screencast on using them. Or maybe somebody else could do it :)

And exactly two months

April 25, 2008 by Artem, 7 years 23 weeks ago
Comment id: 1521

And exactly two months later, here is the first video tutorial! :)
Let's see what the comments will say. If the people like the tutorial, I will probably shoot more screencasts for different templates.


November 12, 2008 by Artem, 6 years 47 weeks ago
Comment id: 1986

Oups, it looks like file was missing on the server for some strange reason.
Anyway, I uploaded it again and you can download the template from the "ph_product_sprint_backlog_0.03.xls" link in the post.

Thank you for noticing the problem, tsj123.

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