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Finding better ways of developing software

Compilable Symbian Code Examples

February 7, 2006 by Artem Marchenko is eventually up and running. It took quite some time to restart it, but I am very much pleased with the results. It is build on the Drupal CMS 4.7 Beta 4. As it is still beta, I disabled comments - they work ok, but display error-like messages, when you post. They will be enabled whenever Drupal community releases the next Beta or RC of the 4.7 (sometime in February)

Nevertheless, the site looks great (as for me) and I am extremely pleased with the customization possibilities, to be enabled one by one in the close future.

And by the way.

Series 60 examples

November 22, 2005 by Artem Marchenko

Today I've spent several hours trying to locate a simple example for the Nokia's Series 60 3rd edition. And miserably failed.

At the moment I am developing my first 3rd edition application. It is also the first app, where I am going to use vector icons in the svg format (introduced in Series 60 2nd edition Feature Pack 3). Somehow in all my previous projects I did the non-UI components only and never bothered about the application wrap-up.

Today in the morning I found that even though I have access to a lot of 3rd edition applications, I don't have a single simple example. As you might guess the attempts to "intelligently copy" the existing code failed.

Multitasking in the workspace

October 30, 2005 by Artem

On Joel's Multitasking in the Workplace

Multitasking in the Workplace:
Joel Spolsky, a known writer on software development related topics is a long standing advocate of private offices for every developer, perfect working conditions and managers whose main role is to “move furniture out of the way, so people can concentrate on their work”. Lately he found the support in the published in the NY Times research report claiming that in the cubicle space people loose hell a lot of time on interruptions. I believe that there is a proven way to unite the advantages of the open-space communication and private office focus.

Welcome to

October 17, 2005 by Artem Marchenko is up and running. In perfect accordance to the Agile Manifesto's "Working software over comprehensive documentation", design is far from perfect, e-mail is not functioning, no forum installed, but it is up and running. You can already find there a launcher of ExeDll projects and sample code for global key capturing (including a tricky case of long key press capturing).

Second Agile Finland seminar

September 8, 2005 by Artem Marchenko

On the 7th of September I was visiting the Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, where the Second Agile Finland seminar was hosted.

The popularity of the Agile methods among the software developers is growing all over the world. My first university degree was focused on the ways of constructing large software systems. So I've been always curious about different trends in the design methodologies. I could not miss a chance to discover more about this area.

The presentations were very impressive. What particularly excited me was the great amount of statistical and historical background presented by Craig Larman from Valtech. You all know, that "waterfall" is a devastating way to go. It was amazing to discover, that it was considered harmful from the very first time it was mentioned (!). But not so many readers of the article, where the waterfall was introduced and thoroughly described bothered themselves to read to the part, where it was criticized and iterative methods were offered instead.

2nd and 3rd presentations were devoted to the success stories about using Scrum methodology  - lightweight iterative way to design software. It proved to be really simple, controllable and effective.
If you want to improve the software development at your company, have a look at Scrum. I will definitely try using some elements of it - its backlog and burndown chart seem to be very simple and at the same time effective and even fun tools to use.

Craig Larman starting the seminar

Best of