Agile Eastern Europe 2011. A unique conference and a unique marketing opportunity

As some of you may know, I used to go to quite many Agile conferences from relatively academic XP20XX to pretty-much industrial Agile20XX. Yet there was always one conference that remained special for me – Agile Eastern Europe that happened first time in Kiev, Ukraine in 2009.

Even from the first time it was a huge event never seen before in the region. The reasons were three:
– The region was ripe for a big event. Agile was still in its infancy and a number of local conferences just had to turn into something big
– Excellent speaker line up. The team did excellent job attracting the best speakers one could hope for, including David Hussman, J.B. Raisenberg, Jurgen Appelo and others. Yours truly was also speaking on Estimating and Planning, though in a somewhat different league
– A unique location that is visa-free to nearly whole world. It is pretty much the only country in the world where EU, US, Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian people can meet without any visa hassles


This year AGILEEE is going to happen again and I am glad to help with finding sponsors for it. Besides being a great place for participants, AGILEEE is also an excellent marketing opportunity with the crowd full of influence on the company purchasing decision. Last year we had people from 22 countries (twenty two!), nearly half of 450 participants were project managers and executives.


So if you happen to know a company with software industry related interests in the region or just a maker of a tool for the software developers, tell them about this post or about my direct contacts: marketing@agileee.org. skype:artem.marchenko, phone: +358-50-486-1137, twitter:AgileArtem

5 thoughts on “Agile Eastern Europe 2011. A unique conference and a unique marketing opportunity”

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