Weekly Agile Reading is back. Pack 10

I used to publish weekly links on what was published on the web during a week. It happened to be quite difficult. What was sometimes particularly difficult was to figure out whether the article was fresh or not. I decided to continue publishing interesting links related to Agile. I will still try concentrating on fresh articles and publish link sets weekly, but won’t commit to it. Most of the time the links will be published weekly and will concentrate on fresh content, but will also include links to older content that caught my attention during the week.

Top writing that caught my attention this week:

» thekua.com@work " Defensive programming depends on context How to decide on how much defensive your code needs to be.
» Lasse’s weblog – Best quote from Agile 2008 Possibly the best quote from the Agile 2008 conference.
» NOOP.NL: Managing Software Development: Call for Votes: Top 100 Software Engineering Blogs! Please email me some candidates for the upcoming and all-new Top 100 Most Popular Software Engineering Blogs. (Send me the URL of the blogs.
» AGILE IN ACTION: Be honest about what you are then start climbing Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition, which describes how people progress through levels of mastery in a subject

You might like having a look at the previous link packs as well.

If you happen to encounter another interesting content published since last Friday, please, post links in the comments.

One thought on “Weekly Agile Reading is back. Pack 10”

  1. Hi Artem,

    Great idea!

    Besides successful start-ups, at least three “name brand” European companies have committed to Scrum for their software development: Nokia (source of the Nokia test), SAP, and Allianz Deutschland (Germany). What were the patterns for Scrum Adoption (actually change in general)? How do you get Scrum through the front door in your company?

    Big Scrum Projects: Allianz Project Light Beacons



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