Simple Sprint Backlog Example

Update: Link to XLS fixed. Kudos to Jukka Laurila

Screenshot of the simple Scrum product backlog

To complement the simple product backlog example published last week, here is the simple sprint backlog example (XLS) also inspired by the Mike Cohn‘s work, though unfortunately I don’t exactly remember where on his site or in his books I’ve seen a similar picture. There are plenty of comments on the sheet to help you get started. You can use this Excel sample as a template for your own backlogs. Consider it published to public domain. Feel free to copy, reuse or even resell this example, though it would be very kind of you not to delete from the sheet the link to this site.

Good or Bad

What do you think? How good is this template for starters? Would you like to see more similar templates with the different amount of functionality?

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4 thoughts on “Simple Sprint Backlog Example”

  1. Nice sprint backlog! Check out ScrumEdge. It’s an online scrum management tool and their sprint log is remarkably similar to the one you posted.

    I used excel sheets to manage scrum projects for over two years and the only problem i had with them was setting them up at the start of each sprint. Recently i moved to ScrumEdge and it does everything my excel sheets did. The major benefit in my case is that it doesn’t take time to set up everything, and that its online so i can access my data from anywhere. The tool itself is not as comprehensive as Rally or some other tools, but that works to my advantage because i want to spend as little time using a scrum tool as possible.

    Link removed by Artem – not to encourage spammers. Comment itself was not deleted since, well, I think it has value for the readers.

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