XP Practice: Continuous Integration

Integration is often one of the most difficult moments in software projects. In traditional waterfall development, the integration phase at the end of development can take a lot of time and reveal many design deficiencies. Things become easier if the organization adopts the practice of bi-weekly, weekly, or daily builds. The more frequently the system is built, tested, and verified, the earlier problems and deviations are found.

As with many other Extreme Programming practices, Continuous Integration is taking a known good practice to the extreme level. If it is good to integrate often, let’s keep the code integrated always. The idea is to run the build and automated tests (at least the fast ones) whenever somebody checks code into the version control system. Usually it is done in automated manner by a tool such as CruiseControl. However, technically it can be done manually — some even find it beneficial and fun to do it without the automated tool support.


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