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Agile Certification: Love it or hate it, but deal with it!

April 8, 2009 by Peter Stevens

Recently, Scrum and the Certified Scrum Master program in particular have come in the crosshairs of non-Scrum Agilistas and been condemned as a Bad Thing. Martin Fowler wrote about Flaccid Scrum. James Shore, author of The Art of Agile Development explained why he doesn't do agile certification. Certification is about mediocrity and agile is about striving for greatness.

If we believe that agile is eventually going to become the mainstream software development strategy — and I do — then this attitude misses the mark. In a time when every office worker gets told 'A Microsoft Office certification is good for your career,' it is clear that certification is part of the game. We may not like it, but we ignore this reality at our peril.

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