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Value of Agile Certification

March 10, 2008 by Artem Marchenko

Today in the evening I am leaving Finland for the Mike Cohn's Certified Product Owner (CPO) course in Norway. The last couple of years I was mainly focused on the in-team part of Scrum and after moving to product management I feel the need to refresh my knowledge about the external side of the process. Mike is an excellent trainer and is a very pleasant person himself. Every time I meet him I learn much from his talks about both the theory and the practical experience.

Agile certifications

It reminded me about a number of recent discussions on the value of certifications in the agile community. The proponents of the certification processes usually argue that both community and companies want to have means for distinguishing amateurs from the specialists.

Earth travel

March 13, 2007 by Artem Marchenko

Some "products" from the Scrum Master course by Bas Vodde.

Today we were building a poster for a Martian travel agency. Since the course is held in Helsinki, no surprise we decided to offer some tours over Finland.

That's what out first 8 minute sprint day ended with. Not really shippable, but if we had to release it next minute, we could probably deliver it.

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