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Downfall of Agile Hitler

May 18, 2009 by Artem Marchenko

Several days ago during the over-the-beer-discussion after the latest Business Value Game workshop (it was a huge success and I am still looking for an assistant to help with it on XP2009) told me about this YouTube video (sorry, I don’t remember who exactly it was). It is humorously subtitled piece of movie about the last days of Hitler. With these subtitles Hitler seems to be extremely.. disappointed of how his team failed to follow the agile principles. As one of the commenters said “i can say this is so close to the truth it's scary!”. Have a look

10 Signs That You're Not Agile

December 24, 2007 by Jeremy Weiskotten

Since most readers of this blog are likely to be practicing or budding Agilists, replace "you" with "your coworkers" or "your manager" as appropriate.

1. You haven't seen or spoken to a coworker about work for at least a day.

Even remote team members should be in contact on a daily basis for Scrum/stand-up meetings and throughout the day over the phone/Skype/IM/email. On-site, co-located teams really have no excuse to work in isolation.

Waterfall 2006

March 19, 2006 by Artem Marchenko

A great sample of satire: Waterfall 2006 conference.

After years of being disparaged by some in the software development community, the waterfall process is back with a vengeance. You've always known a good waterfall-based process is the right way to develop software projects. Come to the Waterfall 2006 conference and see how a sequential development process can benefit your next project. Learn how slow, deliberate handoffs (with signatures!) between groups can slow the rate of change on any project so that development teams have more time to spend on anticipating user needs through big, upfront design.

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