I tend to go to one big agile conference a year (doing a PhD helps to add motivation). This year it is XP2009 – the premier European conference on all things agile. Usually I publish some reports either after or even before the conference. This year I got lazy extremely busy having a PhD symposium, a paper and a workshop to run and instead of a creative reporting I just let you see the photos to get a feeling of what the conference atmosphere was like.

If you wonder about the place, everything happens on a very lovely place on the Italian island Sardinia.

Unfortunately I am still bad with remembering people I don’t know very well, so if you recognize an unnamed person, tell his name in the comment and I’ll update the post. This post will be updated if I add more photos later.

First several random pictures of the people talking.



Evening singer in the restaurant


You have to pass this area on the way to the restaurant

Thinking about a common problem I guess

Coffee break queue

Helen who was a co-runner of the PhD symposium and the students

The guy on the right is Hubert, one of two official photographers on the conference. Ask him for the better photos. The other official photographer is Tom Poppendieck, but somehow I didn’t take a photo of him yet.

Mary Poppendieck sharing her wizdom and humor – as usual

That’s what the hotel territory looks like

About 50 meters from the hotel

You can see the hotel on the background

I think white is one of the two the favorite colors of Joshua Kerievsky. At least he always wears either white or black, when I meet him.IMG_0020[1]

The guy in the middle is Patrick Kua who writes a very useful blog on agile coaching

Couple of finns (Kati and Mikko) and, well, couple of non-finns. The amount of of conversations in Finnish on this conference skyrocketed comparing to, say, XP2007. I wonder whether it’s a sign that Finland wasn’t hit by the recession as much as the other countries.

There are quite many “just tourists” in the hotel.

Unregistered participant

PhD symposium dinner. It was the first time I ever tried a dinner with seven or maybe even eight meals. Too bad they were also very tasty – will definitely have to spend some quality time in the gym.

Workshop on Agile Software Production Line Engineering. A manager from F-Secure, Pekka Abrahamsson and Frank Maurer

Lasse Koskela and Dave Nicolette demonstrate the art of test-driven development on legacy code.

Yours truly

Business Value Game – a workshop on XP2009

image If you want to be a successful software development company, you have to make sure you work on the stories that bring most value to the customer. Ideally you have an on-site customer that can tell you which story can bring most value. What do you do if you don’t have luxury of having the on-site customer? Or how does on-site customer decide what is of the biggest importance to him? How does your company prioritize epics, stories and projects?

On XP2009 conference I will be running a game devoted to making participants feel the business value origins and flow. Players will form software development companies, prioritize their customers requests by business value and feel for themselves how different strategies help to earn money and maintain healthy relationship with the customers. This game has been run on several conferences and it always brings a lot of fun.

Register for XP2009 if you haven’t done so yet, come to this workshop and learn where the business value comes from.

On a related note: I can run this game alone, but it is way easier with one or two assistants. Unfortunately my partner didn’t manage to get his XP2009 trip approved so I am looking for assistant. If you know me (Artem Marchenko) and don’t mind having fun while assisting with the game, shoot me an email or send a message via the contact form. Assistantship is going to be very easy and need just 30 mins of preparation – you will need to clarify the rules and I’ll be there for more serious issues